Welcome to the FlowCollective!

A wellness-based collaborative co-working space where mindful
people can pursue their work, passion, and ideas!  

Blending a quiet & natural-light filled work space, yoga/movement, community,
and positive vibes to send you straight into a state of pure work flow bliss!

How you work matters.  Create your best work day ever at the Flow collective with...

  • access to the space Monday - Friday 11am-5pm 
  • high-speed wifi
  • standing, sitting & reclining work space
  • access to natural light, fresh air, green plants and fresh weekly flowers to promote a thriving workday
  • space to stop, move, meditate and get into flow
  • a spot in any of our classes before and after your work day
  • complementary tea and water 
  • access to mantras, affirmations, candles, and other goodness to create daily work alters/intention spaces. 
  • aromatherapy to promote focus, vitality, & relaxation
  • a motivated, diverse, & talented community of mindful people doing meaningful work
  • a comfortable cap on number of participants, which means plenty of space to work, move, & breathe (apply and sign up in advance to reserve your spot!)