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Barre Teacher Training just outside of Portland, OR.  In the PNW

The Yoga Barre classes are known for being empowering, effective and fun and are a dynamic fusion of fitness styles including ballet, Pilates, and yoga.  In this teacher training you will learn a fun and upbeat sequence, elements of all 3 fitness styles mentioned, proper alignment, modifications, good cues for clarity, and how to create and sequence a great class with killer music.  This training is small in size for a personalized experience so that every instructor leaves with the information they need and want.  Unlike any other training you will learn how to design barre style fitness classes that feel like Y.O.U.  How to bring in your passion, your moves, and your personality and still provide your clients a killer class.  

By the end of our barre teacher training you will have all of the tools you'll need to be a polished instructor, be fully prepared to teach a fluid and fun barre class, and have a stellar community of empowering women supporting you on your journey as you move forward. 

This will be a weekend of self development and discovery and so much fun!  Hope you can join us :-D

Get Barre Certified.  Weekend Barre Teacher Trainings Serving Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Nevada, the east coast, and midwest.  No matter where you're from, we got ya covered with this Barre CErtification. 


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Is this training right for me?

This teacher training is great for fitness instructors looking to add new ideas and inspiration to their current classes, students who want to deepen their understanding and practice of the yoga barre method, and anyone who is interested in learning how to teach, create, and effectively lead fun and upbeat barre classes that leave students wanting more. 

What are the pre-requisites before taking the Barre Level 1 Teacher Training program?

Ideally you would have one year of barre method, group exercise, yoga, Pilates or dance teaching experience, but we absolutely love training new teachers who are fitness enthusiasts with the motivation to succeed. You should absolutely become CPR certified and get liability insurance before you begin teaching as well.

Do you accept everyone who applies to the training?
We limit our class sizes to twelve as we believe in giving the highest caliber of training possible.  In our methodology, enthusiasm to learn is given preference over experience - though experience never hurts.

What are the days like?
They are long. You are going to be well worn and tired. Your brain might explode from all the information – we mean that in a good way. It’s normal to feel pleasantly overwhelmed. Bring snacks and late lunch/dinner as we typically only break for an hour (there are also restaurants on Main Street if you do not want to pack food). 

Once I’m certified where can I teach?
Once you have been through the certification course you can teach anywhere in the US and abroad with one exception.  If you live near our studio in Washougal WA we require that you teach outside of a 10 mile radius of our facility, or receive our permission first, or best case scenario – become one of our amazing faculty and teach classes for us which requires a bit more of an internship (please inquire at 

I simply want to deepen my practice and not necessarily teach, can I take the program?
Absolutely! You just won’t need to take our teaching exam at the end of the training to receive a certificate (unless you change your mind). 

Must I take both weekends to certify?
No - However, taking Level 2 to continue your barre education is highly suggested and if you are interested in teaching at The Yoga Barre, it is expected.  The only way to learn to teach is to get out there and start teaching.

Is there an anatomy module?
It is not required but it is STRONGLY recommended for those who have little anatomy background. Before completing Level 2 participants should complete a Pilates or Yoga Anatomy Training before teaching part or full time. 

If I become certified in The Yoga Barre Method can I teach other forms of barre?
Yes, but you cannot call your classes Yoga Barre style unless getting written permission from The Yoga Barre.  You are welcome to take more barre trainings to expand your knowledge but are not allowed to create hybrid styles as this dilutes our method.  If you choose to create hybrid classes you may say that you are, “certified in Barre by The Yoga Barre,“ in your bio, but it in no way should your class title, description, or advertising reflect The Yoga Barre branding. Our methodology is trademarked, please be respectful, violation of this can result in revoking of your certificate.

What if I have to cancel in advance of training?
Refund policy: This training is not refundable.  That being said, each case will be dealt with on a case by case basis and may receive partial or full refund if deemed appropriate. 

Do I need CEC’s to stay Barre certified?
Not at this time, but it is highly encouraged to take other Barre training to keep yourself current and fresh. It feeds the Barre Teacher's soul to learn new things! 

What materials are needed?
You will be given a manual during the first day of the training. Please bring a pen, water, snacks and a late lunch/early dinner. We will sweat. A lot. So bring an extra change of clothes.  

What Students Are Saying:

This was an incredible weekend that not only deeply challenged my body, mind and spirit but allowed me to connect to my deepest ability to persevere. Loved it!
— Loni W.

Danielle is a fantastic barre instructor and I highly recommend taking a barre class and instructor training from her. She is insanely positive, encouraging, and energetic, yet she still positively tells you what you need to work on in a constructive way. She has a vast amount of knowledge on modifications and exercises and really just loves to empower people and help them be the best that they can be. Thanks so much for such a fun weekend and new friends!
— Rachael S.

I left this weekend of training feeling empowered, and excited to start teaching my own classes. Feeling of community and family . . LOVE! I can’t wait to do that level 2 training!
— Nicole L.

This course was GREAT! I came in a little nervous and intimidated and as soon as I walked through the door all my worries went away. This is the best barre atmosphere I have experienced and I know I’m coming out of this weekend prepared to take on my own courses. Danielle does an amazing job giving concrete knowledge and tools to create great classes while also helping each person find their individual strengths and style. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to learn more about barre!
— McKenzie M.

Danielle is a fantastic mentor and teacher. Her training not only laid down the core foundation of barre but also featured practice sessions, feedback and consultation and additional coursework of choreography, adding yoga and other movement methods and making a barre class uniquely yours. I’m so glad I took this training!
— Esther

Danielle radiates light and love for her students. She is open to all methods and hybrids of this movement. Feeling INSPIRED!
— April

I came in not feeling very confident about eventually leading a class. My nerves and introvert nature got the best of me! I left the class feeling better than I could’ve imagined. And I have more confidence in my abilities than I thought I would. The class was amazing!
— Allison S.

Danielle is so kind, knowledgable and helpful. She makes you feel right at home and caters her training to the needs of each individual. What ever you are looking to get out of this training, you will. Danielle has great experience and a wonderful teaching style. You won’t regret it!
— Anonymous